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DoT & HoT Haste Calculation Made Easy

January 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, Cynwise over at Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual posted a spreadsheet for calculating haste, which is an incredibly useful tool.   However, I found that it had one major downfall, it lacks the ability to have more than 4 DoTs/HoTs in the spreadsheet without a good bit of editing, and even if you do add more than 4, it would become somewhat ugly to look at if you decided to add all DoTs/HoTs for every class.

So, I have decided that, in order to make our lives easier as theorycrafters and players, I would write a small program that could handle the same basic information (in fact, using the same calculations), but allow the information to persist, and be easy to use. Read more…


Blizzard Takes to the Grid(iron)

October 8, 2010 4 comments

After poking around a bit in the Public Test Realm for patch 4.0.1 to see what was new, and I realized that I had failed to take the time to copy over my add-ons and whatnot (let me tell you, I really missed my macros).  One of the add-ons that I missed the most was my unit/raid frames (I currently use Pitbull).  During the course of my frustration, I happened to mention on Vent my displeasure for the default interface, when a guild-mate (who was also on the PTR) mentioned that the unit/raid frames interface was updated, and was actually quite decent.

Much to my surprise, I found that the new unit/raid frames interface is actually quite good (as far as the default interface goes), and extremely easy to work with.  Don’t get me wrong, the frames do have their downfalls over the more common raid frames like Pitbull, Grid, X-Perl, etc., but if, for whatever reason, you cannot use one of those add-ons, then the new frames make a decent fallback option.

I think this was a good move on Blizzard’s part, because many people (myself included) severely dislike the old party and raid frames that were offered, largely due to the fact that some of the information was just flat out difficult to see, depending on how you had your interface set up.  I mean, take a look at the default party frames.


Default Unit Frame

Default Unit Frame


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Calculating Pseudopower

August 20, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the many challenges for any class in World of Warcraft is determining whether an item is an upgrade when you are running an instance, many people affectionately call this the “Numbers Game”.  This is especially true when you get into higher end raiding, where the differences between items is not necessarily that significant.
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