DoT & HoT Haste Calculation Made Easy

Recently, Cynwise over at Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual posted a spreadsheet for calculating haste, which is an incredibly useful tool.   However, I found that it had one major downfall, it lacks the ability to have more than 4 DoTs/HoTs in the spreadsheet without a good bit of editing, and even if you do add more than 4, it would become somewhat ugly to look at if you decided to add all DoTs/HoTs for every class.

So, I have decided that, in order to make our lives easier as theorycrafters and players, I would write a small program that could handle the same basic information (in fact, using the same calculations), but allow the information to persist, and be easy to use.

The result is Spazmoosifer’s DoT/HoT Haste Calculator, which is available using the links below:

The program itself is pretty self explanatory, consisting of only two screens, the main screen where you view the data (i.e. see the ticks calculation), and the spell maintenance screen, where you can add/edit/delete the spells available in the program.  By default, I took the time to include all of the DoTs/HoTs for priests, but adding them into the data file is incredibly easy (just click Add/Edit, enter the info, and click Save).  Alternatively, you can just edit the Data.txt file that is included with the .exe file (just type out the Class, Spell Name, Duration, and Time between Ticks in a comma separated format).

Anyway, I know how people like pictures, so here are a couple screenshots of the program. Enjoy!

Main DoT/HoT Screen

Spell Edit Screen

Happy Theorycrafting!

See you in the Shadows,


P.S. A special thanks to Cynwise for putting together the spreadsheet!

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