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Preparing for Launch

If you are anything like me, you love doing achievements.  Personally, I have been called an achievement whore my fair share of times.  My only problem has been that I haven’t had the guild support to complete some of the achievements (specifically certain raid/pvp achievements).  Regardless, I do like to spend my time picking up the ones that I can get, but I don’t like wasting my time.  So, here is a list of achievements that you can work on before the Cataclysm launch, in order to stay ahead of the pack.  Keep in mind that I am not really going to go into achievements that have been around for extended periods of time already, nor ones that are unobtainable at this time.


Got My Mind On Money – Regardless of where you are at now, you can always work on this one.  Remember that looting from bags, such as the rewards from doing Argent Tournament dailies counts toward this achievement.

To All the Squirrels Who Cared for Me – The Alpine Chipmunk, Rattlesnake, Rock Viper, and Wharf Rat can all be found prior to the release.


This section has a lot of achievements I am just not going to touch…simply because they are so amazingly self explanatory (i.e. do this many quests in this zone) that I am not going to touch them.

5 Dungeon Quests Completed/20 Dungeon Quests Completed – Pretty self-explanatory.

The First Rule of Ring of Blood is You Don’t Talk About Ring of Blood – If you haven’t done the Ring of Blood and the Amphitheater of Anguish, get on your horse, and do them now.

Full Caravan – Currently bugged on many servers, you can get a head start on it.  While you are at it, you may as well do the Eastern Plaguelands Quests because it really isn’t too many more beyond the Full Caravan.

Ready, Set, Goat! – What could be more fun than punting goats off the side of the mountain?

Glutton for Fiery Punishment/Glutton for Shadowy Punishment/Glutton for Icy Punishment – If you are Horde, these are pretty easy, as they are part of a level 18 quest line, but as alliance, it seems that the portal does not work.  So, you will have to be creative.  Personally, I was able to pick up Fiery and Shadowy with a little bit of skill in wall-walking (thank the gods for Levitate), but I hear that you can drop in on those two by getting some sort of slow fall spell placed on you while you jump from a location in Winterspring.  Icy Punishment, however, is much more difficult to get, as you must have a paladin or rocket boots, plus be aimed in the right direction, plus have someone place slow fall on you.  I decided to give up on Icy Punishment until we can fly, but the other two should be obtainable.

E’ko Madness – Kill things in Winterspring…Get your Juju buff…Get your achievement.

Ghosts in the Dark – Jump into the whirlpool in Darkshore, kill the guy that you find at the bottom, loot the quest item, turn in the quest…easy achievement points.


Stood in the Fire – Find Deathwing, and die in his fire.


Iron Chef – Time to get back to learning recipes.  Try to pick up as many as you can before the release, in order to hit this achievement early on.

Let’s Do Lunch (Alliance/Horde) – Start doing your cooking dailies now, so that you can get a jump start on all of the recipes, etc. Plus, doing these now will help you out in obtaining The Cataclysmic Gourmet and the Iron Chef.

Fish or Cut Bait (Alliance/Horde) – Why not make some money, and get some materials for cooking while you are at it.  From what I can tell, these are all generally easy to complete quests, so you may as well do something in the down time.

Get a good start on The Limnologist and The Oceanographer by wandering around now, and fishing up what you can.  I strongly suggest reading through the comments on Wowhead.com for each of these, because Feliciamarie did an excellent job of cataloging the locations of all the fish.


45 Exalted Reputations – Blizzard decided to up the achievement to get the title “The Exalted” to 45 (from 40), so if you already have the title, you have a great start on this one.

That’s about all I could track down without getting into the loremaster type achievements, but if you get going on those, there is plenty to do yet before the release.  Happy hunting!

See you in the Shadows,


  • Updated to include “Let’s Do Lunch” and “Fish or Cut Bait” under the professions sections (I don’t think the quests were available when I first wrote this).
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