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Take Flight!

With the Shattering finally upon us in Azeroth, the first major thing that I decided to do was to wander around, picking up the various new flight paths.  Little did I know that this would be a major undertaking, as some zones had up to three flight paths added.  With that in mind, I decided that it would be nice to create a post with all of the new flight path locations.  Keep in mind that some of the locations make use of the new phasing system, so you will have to complete certain quest lines in order to pick up the new flight path.

Eastern Kingdoms

Arathi Highlands:

  • Horde: Galen’s Fall


  • Alliance: Dustwind Dig, Dragon’s Mouth
  • Horde: New Kargath, Bloodwatcher Point
  • Neutral: Fuselight

Blasted Lands:

  • Alliance: Surwich
  • Horde: Sunveil Excursion, Dreadmaul Hold

Burning Steppes:

  • Neutral: Chiselgrip

Dun Morogh:

  • Alliance: Kharanos, Gol’Bolar Quarry


  • Raven Hill

Eastern Plaguelands:

  • Neutral: Thondoril River, Crown Guard Tower, Corin’s Crossing Tower, Eastwall Tower, Northpass Tower, Plaguewood Tower
  • Note: The Thondoril River flight path that was in Western Plaguelands moved to the Eastern Plaguelands side of the bridge.

Elwynn Forest:

  • Alliance: Goldshire, Eastvale Logging Camp

Eversong Woods:

  • Horde: Fairbreeze Village

Hillsbrad Foothills:

  • Horde: Southpoint Gate, Ruins of Southshore, Eastpoint Tower, Strahnbrad

The Hinterlands:

  • Alliance: Stormfeather Outpost
  • Horde: Hiri’watha Research Station

Loch Modan:

  • Alliance: Farstrider’s Lodge

Redridge Mountains:

  • Alliance: Camp Everstill, Shalewind Canyon, Keeshan’s Post

Searing Gorge:

  • Neutral: Iron Summit

Silverpine Forest:

  • Forsaken High Command, Forsaken Front, Forsaken Forward Command

North Stranglethorn Vale:

  • Alliance: Fort Livingston
  • Horde: Bambala

South Stranglethorn Vale:

  • Alliance: Explorer’s League Digsite
  • Horde: Hardwrench’s Hideaway

Swamp of Sorrows:

  • Alliance: The Harborage, Marshtide Watch
  • Neutral: Bogpaddle

Tirisfal Glades:

  • Horde: Brill

Western Plaguelands:

  • Alliance: Western Andorhal
  • Horde: Eastern Andorhal
  • Neutral: The Mender’s Stead, Hearthglen
  • Note: Thondoril River flight path moved to the Eastern Plaguelands side of the bridge.


  • Alliance: Moonbrook, Furlbrow’s Pumpkin Farm


  • Alliance: Dun Modr, Whelgar’s Retreat, Greenwarden’s Grove, Slabchisel’s Survey



  • Alliance: Blackfathom Camp, Stardust Spire
  • Horde: Hellscream’s Watch, Silverwind Refuge


  • Horde: Bilgewater Harbor, Bitter Reaches, Southern Rocketway Terminus

Azuremyst Isle:

  • Alliance: Azure Watch

Northern Barrens:

  • Horde: The Mor’Shan Ramparts, Nozzlepot’s Outpost

Southern Barrens:

  • Alliance: Honor’s Stand, Northwatch Hold, Fort Triumph
  • Horde: Hunter’s Hill, Desolation Hold


  • Alliance: Lor’danel, Grove of the Ancients


  • Alliance: Next to the portal to Rut’theran Village


  • Alliance: Thargad’s Camp
  • Horde: Furien’s Post
  • Neutral: Thunk’s Abode, Karnum’s Glade, Ethel Rethor


  • Horde: Razor Hill, Sen’jin Village

Dustwallow Marsh:

  • No new flight paths.

The Exodar:

  • Flight path was moved to the interior of the city, next to the bank.


  • Horde: Irontree Clearing
  • Neutral: Whisperwind Grove, Ruins of Constellas


  • Alliance: Whisperwind Grove, Dreamer’s Rest, Shadebough, Tower of Estulan (Thanks Malael)
  • Horde: Stonemaul Hold, Camp Ataya
  • Neutral: Ruins of Constellas
  • Note: Feathermoon Stronghold has moved to the mainland from the western island.


  • Horde: Bloodhoof Village


  • New central platform for flight masters.

Rut’theran Village:

  • Flight path was moved from the old landing to a location next to the portal to Darnassus.


  • No new flight paths, but a portal linking Cenarion Hold to the Blasted Lands was opened.

Stonetalon Mountains:

  • Alliance: Thal’darah Overlook, Windshear Hold, Farwatcher’s Glen, Mirkfallon Post, Northwatch Expedition Base Camp
  • Horde: Cliffwalker Post, Sludgewerks, Krom’gar Fortress, Malaka’jin
  • Note: the flight path from Stonetalon Peak was moved to Thal’darah Overlook.


  • Alliance: Gunstan’s Dig
  • Horde: Dawnrise Expedition
  • Neutral: Bootlegger Outpost


  • Alliance: Dolanaar
  • Note: the boats that use to go to Auberdine have been been rerouted here.

Thousand Needles:

  • Neutral: Fizzle Pozzik’s Speed Barge
  • Note: Pick up the quest in New Thalanaar in Feralas that sends you to Fizzle Pozzik’s Speed Barge, so that you can take advantage of the boat that they give you after a couple quests

Un’Goro Crater:

  • Neutral: Marshal’s Stand, Mossy Pile
  • Note: The flight path from Marshal’s Refuge has been moved to Marshal’s Stand.

That pretty much sums up the new flight paths in existing zones, I will likely have another post (or extend this post) for flight paths in the new zones. Good luck flying!

See you in the shadows,


P.S. I may be updating this post later with images of the new flight path locations, but it may take a while to get the images put together, so check back soon!


  • Added Dreamer’s Rest, Shadebough, Tower of Estulan in Feralas, Thanks Malael!
  • Added Dolanaar in Teldrassil
  • Added Irontree Clearing and Whisperwind Grove in Felwood
  • Moved Ruins of Constellas to Felwood instead of Feralas, added Stonemaul Hold & Camp Ataya in Feralas
  • Added info about Feralas/Thousand Needles
  • Added note about Marshal’s Stand in Un’Goro Crater

  • Ashenvale: A huge volcano erupts at the center of the zone. Heavier deforestation around the Warsong Lumber Camp causes the orcs to encroach on Silverwind Refuge. Zoram’gar Outpost is reinforced with black iron, similar to the Horde outposts in Northrend. Astranaar becomes the victim of air assaults launched by the Horde. New flight paths: Blackfathom Camp, Stardust Spire (Alliance); Hellscream’s Watch, Silverwind Refuge (Horde).
  • Azshara: The zone has been claimed by the goblins, reshaping it in the shape of the Horde crest. A new pass has been cut in the mountains between Azshara and Orgrimmar. Bilgewater Harbor has been built in between the two peninsulas. The rocketway stretches the length of the zone allowing for faster access from one side to the other. Trade Prince Gallywix has built a new pleasure palace in the west. Valor’mok and Talrendis Point have been obliterated. New flight paths: Bilgewater Harbor, Bitter Reaches, Southern Rocketway Terminus (Horde).
  • Azuremyst Isle: The draenei have built a new flight path at Azure Watch (Alliance).
  • The Barrens: The Barrens has been split in two by great fissures in the land, spouting fiery rivers of lava.
    • The Northern Barrens is a level 10-20 zone, largely unchanged geographically from its prior incarnation. New flight paths: The Mor’Shan Ramparts, Nozzlepot’s Outpost (Horde).
    • The Southern Barrens intended for higher level players; portions have grown lush thanks to the work of the druid Naralex. The passage into Mulgore has been closed by the tauren with high walls and a gate as a response to the Alliance moving into the Southern Barrens, constructing several towers and burning down Camp Taurajo, which is now completely destroyed.[24] New flight paths: Honor’s Stand, Northwatch Hold, Fort Triumph (Alliance); Hunter’s Hill, Desolation Hold (Horde).
  • Darkshore: Auberdine is destroyed, and the very land torn asunder. The Alliance relocates to a new town in the northern end of the zone called Lor’danel. Shatterspear Village, previously a closed zone, is now accessible. New flight paths: Lor’danel, Grove of the Ancients (Alliance).
  • Darnassus: The city hosts a new worgen area called the Howling Oak. There is a new flight path in-city that connects to Dolanaar and Rut’theran Village far below, though the transporter still functions.
  • Desolace: Once a barren wasteland, the Cataclysm has caused a rift to form, allowing water to flood in from the coast and bring life back to the region. However, the region is now being invaded by demons, including shivarra. New flight paths: Thargad’s Camp (Alliance); Furien’s Post (Horde); Thunk’s Abode, Karnum’s Glade, Ethel Rethor (neutral).
  • Durotar: The Darkspear trolls have retaken the Echo Isles as a new starting area. Much of the western portion of the zone has been flooded. The gateway to Orgrimmar has been heavily reinforced. A ship dock near Skull Rock welcomes goblins from the Lost Isles. New flight paths: Razor Hill, Sen’jin Village (Horde).
  • Dustwallow Marsh: The Alliance has built a highway through the swamp, connecting Theramore Isle directly with the western entrance to the zone.
  • The Exodar: The city now includes a direct flight path connection with Rut’theran Village at Teldrassil, and the flight master has moved inside next to the bank.
  • Feralas: Feathermoon Stronghold has been razed by naga. The Isle of Dread has been flooded and sunk by tidal waves caused by the Cataclysm. New flight paths: Whisperwind Grove (Alliance); Irontree Clearing (Horde); Ruins of Constellas (neutral).
  • Mulgore: The starter area for the tauren has been heavily assaulted resulting in a charred vale; the entrance has been blocked, leading the Tauren to construct a direct route to Bloodhoof Village. The gates into the zone have been blocked by Horde militia (access is available via Thunder Bluff). New flight path: Bloodhoof Village (Horde).
  • Orgrimmar: After Garrosh Hellscream takes over control of the Horde, Orgrimmar becomes a heavily-armored fortress city. New areas include a central platform for flight masters, a “Goblin Slums” district and a rear gate into Azshara. The Valley of Honor has also become the second trade district, with its own bank, auction house and inn.
  • Silithus: While much of this zone remains the same as it always has, there is a new portal in Cenarion Hold to the Blasted Lands, for players to continue their leveling journey.
  • Stonetalon Mountains: Eruptions decimate the landscape, spreading the flames of the Charred Vale even further. The goblins have cut through the mountains, forming a valley that leads into Ashenvale. The western coastline is now accessible. Stonetalon Peak has been destroyed by faceless ones and tendrils of an Old God. The battle between Horde and Alliance has become a major part of this zone. New flight paths: Thal’darah Overlook, Mirkfallon Post, Windshear Hold, Farwatcher’s Glen, Northwatch Expedition Base Camp (Alliance); Cliffwalker Post, Krom’Gar Fortress, Malaka’jin, The Sludgewerks (Horde).
  • Tanaris: The eastern part of the desert has been flooded, with Gadgetzan becoming beachfront property; Steamwheedle Port is destroyed and populated with homeless goblins. The pass to Uldum has opened up in Thistleshrub Valley. New flight paths: Gunstan’s Dig (Alliance); Dawnrise Expedition (Horde); Bootlegger Outpost (neutral).
  • Teldrassil: Rut’theran Village has been knocked off the base of Teldrassil and is now its own island just offshore. The docks have been reconstructed at Rut’theran after the obliteration of Auberdine in Darkshore.
  • Thousand Needles: The entire canyon floor has been flooded, resulting in the Shimmering Flats becoming a lake, destroying the Mirage Raceway. The eastern canyon wall has collapsed, opening up the coastline. Twilight Hammer agents and several pirate factions have taken up refuge on the cliffsides. Freewind Post has been captured by the Grimtotem tribe. Razorfen Downs has been moved to the Thousand Needles map from the Barrens map (no new dungeons in this zone despite early rumors). New flight path: Fizzle Pozzik’s Speed Barge (neutral).
  • Un’Goro Crater: Williden Marshal has relocated to Marshal’s Stand just southeast of Fire Plume Ridge, as Marshal’s Refuge has been overrun by stone watchers. A second Titan overlook has been revealed in the eastern cliffside. New flight paths: Marshal’s Stand, Mossy Pile (neutral).
  • Winterspring: Darkwhisper Gorge is now part of Mount Hyjal and has been claimed by the Twilight’s Hammer.
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  1. Malael
    November 26, 2010 at 12:53 AM

    Feralas flightpaths:
    Alliance: Dreamer’s Rest, Shadebough, Tower of Estulan

  2. Malael
    November 26, 2010 at 3:25 AM

    Alliance: Grove of the Ancients

    • November 28, 2010 at 5:59 PM

      Grove of the Ancients is in Darkshore, not Durotar

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