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Raid Lockouts Explained

Blizzard recently posted an announcement that will be changing the raid lockout system with the coming of patch 4.0.1.  The post relating to this can be found over at MMO-Champion, but based on the forums posts by players, I can see that many people are confused.

To help people out, I have created the nice little flowchart below, which explains the lockouts, as I understand them.  I am going to admit now, that I may be wrong in my interpretation, but I hope this helps people understand them better.

If you have problems seeing the image, just click on it, and you should see a larger version.

Raid Lockout Flowchart

See you in the Shadows,


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  1. Andrea
    October 4, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    Hi Spazmoosifer, just a question. Your chart is very clear but i don’t understand this fact. If i’ve downed the first 4 bosses on normal:

    – can i join another FRESH icc raid? Will i see the first four bosses?

    In that case i’ll be saved to those bosses, but the rest of the raid will not. Can i, in that case, help them downing Marrowgar etc till Saurfang? Will i see the bosse? I don’t undertand…


    • October 4, 2010 at 3:24 PM

      Hi Andrea,

      As I understand it, what Blizzard is doing is basically going away from the “raid ID” system that it currently uses, and switching to something more like a “boss ID” system.

      So, if you were to clear the first 4 bosses on normal, you should not be able to see/help out with any of those first 4.

      Basically, if you follow the flowchart, you would follow this line:
      Are you saved to a raid yet? -> Yes -> Has the raid you are joining killed a boss yet? -> No -> Have fun doing the remaining Bosses from Your Raid ID on Normal or Heroic.

      The idea is that instead of farming the same bosses on both 10 and 25 each week, Blizzard is simply changing it so that you can kill the boss only once per week. The only time that it gets a bit hairy is when you start to include heroic modes. If you are not doing any heroic modes, then you can switch at will between 10 and 25 man, but you are limited to killing bosses once per week (per person). If you are doing hard modes, you can only do them with people saved on your heroic mode ID (which can include people that have done no hard modes for the week, or people that were in your raid previously).

      If you have a 25-man group for day 1, you can split it up into two 10-man groups for day 2 if you don’t have enough for 25-man, and then group back up for Day 3. It really is a nice system.

      Hope this helps,

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